Debunking Commonly Held Beliefs About Federal 223 Ammo

Debunking Commonly Held Beliefs About Federal 223 Ammo

Hunting is like many other subjects in that people all have their own opinions about it and they’re not afraid of telling you what they think! One such topic in the gun-owning world is whether Federal 223 is a good pick for hunting deer.

Over the years, we’ve heard everything people have had to say on the matter and believe us when we say that there are some opinions that are based on fact and others that aren’t. In this blog, we’re going to be looking at a couple of myths and busting them open wide.

We love .223 cartridges for a number of reasons, so we’d hate for people to listen to the naysayers and miss out on what they have to offer.

Myth Number One – Federal 223 Isn’t Powerful Enough For Deer Hunting

Our first misleading piece of information is that .223 cartridges just don’t have enough power for deer hunting. The argument goes along the lines of them not having the penetration power to provide the shooter with a good, clean and humane kill.

Do even just a little research online and you’ll see that this is far from accurate, as the .223 compares very well with the 30/30 Winchester – arguably the finest deer round that there has ever been. You see, it has very little to do with the size of caliber and much more to do with how the cartridge performs.

We would suggest anyone who has never tried using .223 ammunition to do so if they’re able to as the proof of the pudding is most certainly in the eating. Try the cartridge for yourself and you’ll see that they easily have enough stopping power for the job in hand when fired from a rifle.

Myth Number Two – Using Federal 223 Ammunition for deer hunting is illegal in almost every state

This is one particular untruth that really bothers us, as it’s a falsehood, utterly and completely. Sure, there are states in which using .223 cartridges is outlawed, but to say ‘most’ is not even close. Want the actual truth? Well, at time of writing, it’s actually legal in all but 7 states.

That means 39 out of a possible 46 allow it (it’s not 50 states because we’re only talking about those that allow you to use rifles to hunt deer). Even when including all 50 states, that means it’s illegal in just 11 of them. Most states? We think not.

Off Deer Hunting Soon? Then Be Sure to Pack Your 223s!

So, as we can see, these two statements that so many hunters swear by, aren’t set in stone – far from it. When used in a good rifle, your Federal 223 should give you everything you need, so long as you get relatively close to the deer before firing.

No one in their right mind would want anything other than a quick and painless shot where the animal’s suffering is zero, so always aim to kill with one shot – something that’s eminently possible with this overly-criticized ammunition.

So, when someone tries to tell you differently, be sure and pipe up, so that these myths end up being forgotten and never spoken of again!