Dealing with the violence of against women

Dealing with the violence of against women

Day after day, a new hashtag trends on Twitter; a new victim emerges every time. A new horrific tale of violence against women is brought to light, ushering in wave of anger, hostility and followed quickly with cries of helplessness. And this vicious cycle continues.

According to the World Health Organization, one in three women experience violence, physical or sexual, and generally at the hands of their male-partner. COVID-19 and the sufficient shift in the lifestyle has negatively contributed towards violence. Moreover, the pandemic has also made mental health issues worse, thereby exacerbating the violence.

Unfortunately, violence against women is not merely limited to physical assault; online harassment, bullying, trolling, stalking, theft, defamation, hate speech are also a type of violence that women have to bear.

This never-ending morbidity has taken its toll on women. With their sense of security in smithereens, they find their mental health becoming even more endangered. Whilst those suffering from psychological problems like PTSD on account of abuse need professional help dispensed by the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore, other women can take steps otherwise to deal with violence, including:

Join support groups

In the wake of violence, it is natural to feel helpless. Support groups not only help in coping with the issue, but also involve passing useful information, helping towards healing and getting healed yourself as well.

Many groups also allow for safe logistics; you can text other women in the vicinity and go places together as being alone increase the risk of assault.  Explore women’s support groups around you to feel more secure.


In many instances, women themselves enable men in their atrocious behavior. It is therefore vital that we educate ourselves on the correct conduct for men and women. There is a dire need for a system overhaul, whereby problematic values like ‘boys will be boys’ are eradicated.

Moreover, in many instances, women do not even realize they have been violated, like is the case with marital rape. Thus, it is important that pertinent information about violence be shared with men and women, both, to educate them about different facets about violence against women.

Make appeal for better legislation

Weak laws encourage violent behavior towards women. Unless there is strict legislation, sick men will not be deterred from threatening and harming women.

Therefore, call out to your state representatives for improving legislation. You can call their office, have others sign a petition, reach out to them online, but make sure you hold them accountable for enforcing better laws for the protection of women.

Report abuse

Many perpetrators walk scot free because of lack of reporting. From the fear of public censure, a threat to life, and even plain shock, many women are unable to report the abuse. It is especially common in patriarchal societies, where the differential relationship between men and women acts to enable heinous behavior.

Even though it is easier said than done, it is imperative that violence of any sort be reported. If you see any other woman suffering, help them in making a formal complaint against the perpetrator.

Protect other women

Victim shaming is not just reckless, but criminal conduct, as it deters victims from reporting violence. It is thus crucial that victims be protected at all costs.

Seek counseling

When violence becomes rampant, women naturally become more insecure. Being constantly on the edge because of the gruesome tales naturally perturbs your mental state.

If you feel that your mental health cannot cope with the fear and stress, you are having anxiety or panic attacks due to the violence, it is best that you seek help from the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi and improve your mental state.