What Does the Conjunction of Moon & Jupiter Mean?

What Does the Conjunction of Moon & Jupiter Mean?

Every so often, the moon is in conjunction with one of the planets in the solar system. One occurrence is when the moon is in conjunction with the giant planet Jupiter. In conjunction means that the planet appears to be in close proximity to the moon. Both can be seen by the naked eye at night, close together in the sky.

How Often Do These These Planet’s Moons Line Up?

The moon and Jupiter are in conjunction about once a month. Sometimes, the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter also happens when other planets, like Saturn and Mars are also in alignment. At night, it may even be possible to see the three planets lined up together near the moon.

Besides being a spectacular visual sight, the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter has meaning in astrology. Meeting with a life path psychic can help someone determine the impact the conjunction may have on their life and goals.

How Will This Conjunction Affect Your Holiday Season?

When a conjunction happens between two planets or the moon, the essence from each of those elements join forces and could impact your life. Jupiter is associated with good fortune and prosperity. It also represents travel and religion.

The moon on the other hand represents family, emotions, memories and relationships. During the holiday season these two components of your life may be stronger, since many people travel and spend time with family members. Here are some other ways the conjunction may impact your holidays:

Remember Lost Loved Ones

If you recently lost a loved one, such as a family member or friend, the holiday season can be a little tougher. This year’s conjunction of the moon and Jupiter may make you long for their company even more. You may think about happy holiday memories with your lost loved one from the past and have stronger emotions. Consider learning how to communicate with a deceased loved one to get some closure and peace of mind.

Bring Out Important Heirlooms

The holiday season may also have some families bringing out heirloom ornaments and other objects. When you go into your basement, storage space or attic to retrieve decorations and other things, you may also find lost things and be reunited with significant mementos during the conjunction.

Meet Up With Old Friends

The conjunction could also help you connect with old friends, especially ones from your childhood. If you visit your hometown during the holidays, you may find yourself thinking about people from your past. Schedule a lunch or another gathering with old friends to feel that old connection once again.

Take a Trip to an Exotic Location

You and your family could also make new memories to celebrate the holidays, such as going on an exotic winter vacation. Think about skipping town for a beautiful island vacation, such as the Caribbean or Southeast Asia. Bring your family on your holiday excursion so all of you can make new, meaningful memories.

The conjunction of the moon and Jupiter may have an impact on your life during the holidays this year. Your emotional, nurturing side and your love for adventure may join forces for an exciting holiday.