Class 8: Make maths easy

Class 8: Make maths easy

Mathematics is like a phobia for students but it is not so. Once you know how to study mathematics then it is 100% sure that there is no subject that can be easier than mathematics for you. Some say mathematics and some say maths both are the correct words. Mathematics is the subject that can help you in your school life as well as out of your school life like calculating money, discounts, teaching students, etc. 

The importance of mathematics is very high so that the student understands that it is a difficult subject but no, it is not a difficult subject anymore. If you feel like you face difficulties then here are the genuine solutions to your problem. These solutions will help you to learn mathematics easily. Since you are in the 8th grade, this is the point where you can strengthen your understanding of mathematics. All the ideas given in the article below are fresh and 100% helpful in learning class 8 maths and also give you an idea on how to make maths easy for you.

Whether you are a student that is studying in class 8 from the CBSE board or ICSE board or any other board the following methods of making maths fun and easy will help you all the way.

  • Know the content of your maths text-book

You should use the book to learn maths in a very easy way from starting with the content of the book. Regardless of the board, you should always check the content of your textbook first. This will give you a brief idea of what you are going to learn in the upcoming chapters and the overall book. If you don’t know what the content is then let us see it by taking the CBSE board class 8th textbook in mind. The contents of the class 8 maths from the CBSE book is given below.

  1. Rational Number
  2. Linear equation in one variable
  3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
  4. Practice Geometry 
  5. Data Handling
  6. Squares and square roots
  7. Cubes and cube roots
  8. Comparing Quantities
  9. Algebraic expressions and identities
  10. Visualizing solid shapes
  11. Mensuration
  12. Exponent and Powers
  13. Direct and Inverse Proportion
  14. Factorizations
  15. Introduction to graphs
  16. Playing with numbers

Similarly, you can check the content of your textbook first to get an overall idea about what you are going to read in the next upcoming chapters.

  • Read the chapters and note down the formulae and concepts

How will you start reading the chapter? Do you have any ideas? If not, then follow this technique to read any chapter of the maths book. Now suppose you are going to read a chapter, let’s say Quadrilaterals.

Start with reading the definition of Quadrilaterals, see some examples given there to explain the Quadrilaterals. Now note down the definition of it in your notebook. Again start reading the book with types of a quadrilateral given in the book, some examples given to explain them. Now note down their types in your notebook. 

Now again go to the book and look at how to find angles of the quadrilaterals, their perimeter, area, etc. 

Note down all the formulae and concepts given to calculate and explain them in your notebook. After doing so, again go to the textbook and start practicing questions of that exercise in a rough notebook. You have to do all these things for the next exercises and similarly, you can read all the chapters in very easy way.

  • Don’t leave your mind full of doubts

While solving exercises and examples, if you are facing any problem to understand any line given there then instantly raise your hand and ask your doubt to your maths teacher. Do not feel shame in asking questions. This habit will make you confident in front of others. 

Never leave your mind with any doubt, always clear your doubt with either your teacher or your elders. If you have doubt in solving any problem or understanding an example given in the book then how you can imagine the maths can be easy for you. So, it is necessary to resolve your doubt before going to the next topic.

  • Start practicing maths questions from day 1 

Mathematics is a subject in which you can not cram up any topic or concept because it is hard to do so in this subject without understanding the concept and without doing practice. You will have to go through many concepts in mathematics that are not going to be easy for you to retain for a long time if you do not practice regularly. 

So it is compulsory to do practice questions from day one to the last day of your school. Give an extra hour to practice questions of mathematics regularly and always keep in mind that you have to practice different types of questions as only this way can help you to understand the concept well.

  • Go through with some best solutions and practice book

From only your regular textbooks you will not have the variety of questions to practice. That’s why it is recommended to go through some other practice books as well as some best available solution books. 

You can use RS Aggarwal’s book for practicing mathematics questions and you can also access the solutions of RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 8 from many available platforms. 

  • Go through the NCERT maths textbook

Regardless of your board, the NCERT book will always be helpful for you for all the classes. Since you are in class eight, it is recommended to refer to the NCERT class 8 maths textbook. The concept given in this book is very easy to understand as it is given in very easy language. 

NCERT books are always the king of basic books which help to clear the basic concepts and prepare your mind to face moderate to difficult problems. The practice questions given in the book are directly asked by the examiners in different exams whether it is an academic exam or a competitive exam. So you should also use NCERT books to understand and strengthen your basics, concepts and to practice more questions.


 Mathematics is a subject that is used in many other subjects like physics and chemistry. The concept of mathematics is also used in these subjects, without using it, the problem given in these subjects cannot be solved. So, mathematics is going to help you everywhere in your life whether it is your school time or college time, and in the rest of your life in many ways. 

But if you do not understand easily then it might be a difficult subject for you. So, it is very important to learn mathematics, to do so you can follow the above-mentioned solutions to make mathematics the easiest subject ever.