Class 12 maths tips to make studies easy

Class 12 maths tips to make studies easy

Class 12 is considered one of the most important years. During this year the main focus of students should be Boards Exams. Board exams play a crucial role in deciding one’s future.

The fear of examinations is one of the biggest disadvantages. Exams are part of life. So one should never fear them. Exams do play an important role in deciding one’s future. In this article, we will see tips and tricks to make studies easy for class 12 Maths.

Why are examinations important?

  • Exams help students to evaluate their knowledge. Exams are for one’s improvement.
  • Exams play an important role for students as they help them to set their goals and aims.
  • New learning skills, principles, and techniques, patterns are learned.
  • Exams do generate pressure but it helps to stay focused and determined.
  • It helps an individual to create their own identity.
  • Students learn to value the importance of time management. 
  • Exams make the brain adapt to new changes and ideas

Why choose NCERT books?

NCERT books bridge the gap between students and courses. NCERT 

makes understanding concepts in much better form. The content in the NCERT is provided in such a way it makes learning fun. This is the reason that

students are advised to make NCERT their basic study material. Students are advised to study NCERT thoroughly as most of the concepts from NCERT are asked straight.

Technology has been so advanced nowadays that students can find the Class 12 Maths NCERT Book PDF here. Here the complete solution of Maths class 12 is available. One can take help from the above pdf.

Important NCERT syllabus wise topic 

From the board’s point of view, every topic from Maths is important. Nothing should be ignored. But these are some topics which should be left out.

Following are a few chapter wise important topics which students should never miss-

Chapter  Important topics
Relations and functions Types of relations and functions, binary operations, composite of two functions.
Inverse trigonometry functions  Properties of inverse trigonometric functions, range, domain.
Matrices Types of matrices, multiplication of matrices, addition, and subtraction, operation on matrices, transpose of a matrix, the identity of matrices, etc.
Determinants Area of a triangle using determinants, minors, and co-factors, adjoint, and cofactors of determinants.  
Continuity and Differentiability Derivative of composite functions, concepts of the log, and exponential functions, a derivative of inverse, etc.
Application of derivative Rate of change of quantities, maxima and minima, tangents and normals, etc.
Integrals Integrations, methods of integration by various methods, theorem of calculus, integration by identities, integration of integrals, etc.
Application of integrals The area under curves and lines, the area between lines, etc.
Differential equations Concepts of differential equations, formation of differential equations, linear differential equations, solving of differential equations by various methods.
Vector algebra Concepts of vector algebra, magnitude, and direction of the vector, types of vector, properties of vector, applications related to it.
3D Geometry Directions cosines, cartesian equations, and vector equations, the distance between lines, equation of a plane, skew and coplanar lines 
Linear programming  Different types of Linear programming, graphing methods of solving Linear programming, etc.
Probability  Bayes’s theorem, conditional probability, independent events, binomial distribution, random variable, etc. 

Tips to make class 12 Maths study easy

Class 12 students should keep in mind that they have to study hard. Class 12 results play an important role in deciding one’s future. Maths can be one of the toughest subjects or can be one of the easiest subjects. It all depends on one’s hard work and dedication.

Following are the tips students should keep in mind to make maths easy

  • The important point is practice. Students usually finish the course by the end of December. So after that their main focus should be the only practice. Try to face more questions.
  • Following a strict timetable. Study regularly right from the start. It is a must as class 12 results are crucial. Never take this year for granted. 
  • Solve previous years’ question paper so that one can understand the paper patterns. Solve at least the last 5-7 years back question papers.
  • Along with NCERT, keep a reference book. One can choose any RD Sharma or RS Aggarwal. These books are loaded with many practice questions.
  • Always clear doubts with the help of teachers. Never leave them. Take the help of these reference books. If doubts remain unclear it will affect understanding of other topics.
  • Follow a consistent test practice. Solve more and more questions. The more questions students face, the more they will understand.
  • Always make a copy of all the important formulas and keep them separate. So that at the end moment it is easy to recall.
  • Never miss out on any lectures. Class 12 maths chapters are linked with each other. Missing lectures will affect another chapter too.
  • Do not stress out much. Don’t spend long hours studying. Give body and mind enough time to relax.
  •  Eat healthily. Stay hydrated always. 

Unit wise marks distribution

According to the new marking scheme, 80 marks are for subjective papers and 20 marks for internal assessments. The distribution of 80  marks are as follows

Units Marks
Relations and functions 8
Algebra  10
Calculus 35
Vectors and 3D 14
Linear Programming 5
Probability  8


Total 80 Marks

20 marks for internal assessment 


Every student should follow guidelines laid by CBSE. Always practice according to the CBSE pattern. Always start with NCERT. Never jump to questions directly. First, clear the basics fundamentals then go for question-solving. Make proper notes, solve question papers, attain classes regularly and maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. Thus students can follow these tips to make Maths easy.