Canada Visa Online Application from North America and Europe

Canada Visa Online Application from North America and Europe


Don’t know how to apply for an online visa? The visa application has changed over the years. Canada Visa application is an electronic online form submission process for immigration or citizenship in Canada. This is the most important part for anyone who wants to enter Canada for a student or event for short tips. This process online replaces the paper-based process. This also saves your time and money that you don’t have to visit the Canadian embassy for the process. Most people complete their visa submission within 5 to 10 minutes this day, and all you need is a laptop or computer and a credit/Debit card to make the payment of the visa fees. Let’s talk in detail about the types of visas and how you can apply for the visa online.

About Canada Visa Online Application

Once you have submitted the visa online, it hardly takes 24 hours to 2 days for a reply from the Canada visa office. Usually, it takes more than 72 hours for Canada Visa online applications for US citizens but 24 for Canada visa applications online. The office will email you with the visa letter, and you have to submit the passport to the Canadian embassy for the stamp, which takes 1-day hardly. On the other hand, immigration staff can also check the visa letter online by just taking your passport number. Note that you need to fill in the details in the Canada visa site the exact name which is written in the passport and passport number with the issued and expiry date before the flight.


Now there are 4 different types of visas and depending on the types of visa you need to submit the documents. First is Transit or layover which you have to make a stop in canard while you are traveling to another city. Second is Tourism which you are coming for the holiday or a college trip maybe. Third would be the business purpose where you need to show the reason you are traveling and all the documents about your company and bank accounts as well. The fourth and last type of visa is planned medical treatment in any of the Canadian hospitals. Keep in mind for any of these types of visas you can apply on the site of Canada visa online. Documents you need to submit of the visa are Personal information that is_

  • Name
  • place of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • date of issue
  • And passport date of expiry

Also, needs contact information, such as address and email, the purpose of coming to Canada. Keep in mind that, the purpose will define the additional documents by the office. As we mention if you are going for the business you need to submit the purpose and company details or if you are going for a student visa, you need to submit the admission letter and the letter in which all the fees has been paid also if you are going for the medical purpose you need to submits the document which says that the treatment you are going is not by your country and you need to go to Canada with a government stamp on all the letter off-courser.

Last word

This process has been so easy if we compare it to the process which was done 2 or 3 years back all the time people has lost standing in line. And waiting for the reply from the office still month. This online process has made life much easier. There are more than 54 countries that can apply for the visa online get first.