Best Western Acadia National Park

Best Western Acadia National Park

Best Western Acadia national park is surely a wonder of nature. The views and sceneries are blessed with so many amazing sights. Little wonder as to why it is one of the most visited sites in North America. It is a 47,000- acre recreation area with a landscape consisting of rocky beaches and woodlands and a rich wildlife reserve. It was established on 19th January 1929 and is managed by the national park service. It is found on the coasts of Maine. 

Wildlife in Acadia National Park

Given that forests cover much of the park, Acadia national park breeds over 1000 plant species. These species thrive in varying conditions (acidic, tidal estuaries, low nutrient bogs, intertidal zones, and ponds). Some are even exposed to altitudes. Acadia also shelters several species of living things, ranging from organisms at the bottom of the food chain to the predators at the top. 

Intertidal and Subtidal Zones: Acadia wildlife is blessed with an incredible amount of intertidal flora and fauna. The coastal ocean waters are home to sea stars, rockweed, blue mussels, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and commercially treasured lobster.

Peregrine Falcons: The peregrine falcon is one of the most dangerous predators in the Acadia national park. It can attack its prey at over 100 miles per hour, and with its outstretched talons, it is almost impossible to escape its claws. It is such an incredible creature to behold.

Puffins: These are rare creatures, with islands on the coast of Maine one of the few places they exist in. They are small and almost extinct sea birds found in the United States and some other North American countries.

Best Places To eat Near Acadia National Park

Eating a nice meal with nourishing drinks is also an exciting part of your experience in Acadia National Park. Fortunately, there are some of the best restaurants near Acadia.

Thrive Juice Bar & Kitchen: They offer the best of juices, smoothies with healthy, bursting, fresh, and delicious food, and flavours in and around Acadia national park. 

The Stadium: This is an award-winning restaurant that offers the best lobsters and delicious food and flavours.

Café This Way: They offer eclectic dishes and nourishing drinks. They operate from Monday to Sunday.

Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream: They make the best Ice cream flavours ranging from vanilla to chocolate.

Coffee Hound Coffee Co: Looking for the best coffee around Acadia? Coffee Hound has got you covered.

Jordan’s Restaurant: This restaurant prides itself in its delivery of delicious homemade food. 

Rose Eden Lobster: For the best of lobsters, Mussels, Crabs, Rose Eden is one not to miss out on. The prices are also remarkably affordable given the quality on offer.

Bar Harbour Popcorn: This is a gourmet popcorn offering Regular, White Cheddar, Salt Sweet, Caramel, and other enticing seasonings all just for you.

Side Street Café: In search of fresh food with nourishing drinks? This restaurant is a viable option for you. They have a variety of sandwiches, such as tacos, macs, and salads.

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Towns Close to Acadia National Park

Bar Harbour: This is a town located at Frenchman Bay in Maine. It is loved for its beautiful sceneries and amazing lobsters in its restaurants. It is also a getaway to the summits and cliffs of neighbouring Acadia National Park.

Ellsworth: This is a small town founded in 1800. It is the commercial centre of the down east region. You will most likely drive through this town on your way to the Acadia National Park.

Islesford: This is a small island situated on Little Cranberry Island. There are five isles on cranberry isles in Maine. Islesford lies southeast of the Atlantic Ocean of Mount Desert Island.

Tremont: Tremont is a small village situated in the southwestern area of Mount Desert Island near Acadia national park.

Camden: This is a small town located on Pentecost Bay, in Maine’s mid-coast region. It is known for its Opera Theatre that stages musicals and theatre. It also has an 1830s lighthouse.