Best Ways to Keep Your Brakes and Clutch in Perfect Condition

Best Ways to Keep Your Brakes and Clutch in Perfect Condition

Your car won’t be able to move without its two most important mechanical operations, Brake and Clutch. A car’s clutch regulates its speed, and the brakes help slow it down when you want the car to a stop, or you want to bring it to a stop.

Increasing congestion and busyness on the city roads keep the clutch and brake busy whenever the car is being driven. Therefore, taking extraordinary care of the clutch and brake is very important. Here are the best ways to keep your clutch and brake in great condition.

Never Use The Clutch As A Foot Rest

Resting foot on the clutch pedal can be detrimental to your clutch as the slightest pressure will compress the pressure plates. This will cause unnecessary wear and tear due to the friction within the plates. Therefore never rest your foot on the clutch. You should leave the clutch completely untouched or fully pressed.

Don’t Use Cheap Mobil And Engine Oil For Lubricating Your Clutch.

The clutch of your vehicle stays inside the gearbox. It needs to be thoroughly lubricated with oil to keep the car’s movement smooth. Good quality engine oil is important to us as much friction happens in the gearbox between the gears. Engine oil of poor quality can lead to the greatest friction that wears out the gears faster. This could also lead to unusual noise from the car or increased heat. Inexpensive, poor-quality engine oils damage the clutch plate material from inside.

This might make you replace the clutch plate and clutch, which are the most expensive parts to replace in a vehicle. Taking care from before is better than going for an auto clutch repair.

Use Disk Brakes

If possible, use disk brakes. They are the most convenient brakes for vehicles during these times. The disc brakes help the vehicle to slow down and avoid accidents in a very less amount of time. Their braking mechanisms are more efficient. However, make sure to practice on an open field with a new disk brake to get used to the appropriate pressure. These brakes instantly stop the car when they are applied very hard.

Take Care Of The Brake Shoes

You should opt for car brakes service at least once every year and get the brake shoes inspected. The brake shoes must be replaced once every three years as they tend to get worn out very fast. Replacing the brake shoes would ensure safety. A brakeless car can be fatally dangerous, and therefore you should opt for car brake repair when needed.

You should also make sure to go for good, high-quality brake shoes as cheap brake shoes might wear out within months and make you revisit the mechanic to get them replaced. Poor quality brake shoes will cause your vehicle to brake improperly, which is akin to inviting trouble.

Instead Of Using The Clutch On The Incline, Use the Handbrake

If your car stops on an incline and you wish to move forward, never use the clutch’s force to keep the car in position. There would not be enough juice to keep your car moving forward without jerks if you do that. The clutch also suffers unnecessary load. Instead, take your foot off the brakes and use the handbrake. Increase the RPM after that and slowly release the clutch and the handbrake and increase the throttle simultaneously. This technique comes naturally after a while with practice.

Avoid Pressing The Brake and Clutch Together

A common bad habit that needs to be avoided is pressing the clutch pedals and brake at the same time while braking the car. This causes unneeded clutch usage and takes away the engine’s load by sacrificing the braking force. Therefore, once you intend to slow down, use the clutch when shifting gears is required. As soon as you brake, if you keep the clutch pressed, it will decrease the rate of your slowing down and might lead to an accident.

Rely More On The Brakes

Though many people use engine braking, and it comes in handy in certain situations, it damages the clutch and lasts shorter. Unless Engine braking is done perfectly, with the appropriate level of rev-matching, it will eat away the life of the clutch. Therefore, on normal roads, rely on the brakes.

Additional Tips

Get the brake and brake pads inspected once a year. If they are too worn out, replace them. If you are too busy to get to the repair shop, a mobile mechanic service will be convenient.

Check the brake fluid at regular intervals. A mobile auto mechanic will tell you when the colour of the brake fluid indicates that it should be changed.

Avoid Unnecessary Braking

When you are opting for auto clutch repair, be sure that the mechanic uses authentic parts if they need to change something.


The best way to keep up with your car’s health, especially the health of brakes and clutch, is to observe the car. If you notice strange brake responses, unusual noise, it might be because of a faulty brake and clutch and must be addressed immediately.