Best Ways To Avoid A Costly Lockdown Electrical DIY Disaster

Best Ways To Avoid A Costly Lockdown Electrical DIY Disaster

It’s surprising how many people have decided that the recent lockdowns have been the perfect time to undertake some improvement works. While this is an admirable way to keep busy and perhaps get some of the jobs done that you’ve been putting off, the truth is you may simply be heading for an electrical DIY disaster. 

After all, you’ve probably seen all the electrical tips online and figure it doesn’t look that hard. But, you need to stop and think again. If you want the work done it is better to contact a reputable level 2 electrician and have it done properly. This will help you to avoid a costly lockdown electrical DIY disaster.

Insurance Issues

The first thing to note is that current regulations dictate that the majority of electrical jobs are undertaken by a qualified professional. If you do them yourself and there is subsequently an issue, such as someone getting an electric shock or the house catches fire, the insurance company may find out you may alterations and then refuse to pay for the damages. This could leave you in a real pickle!

Risk Of Electrical Shocks

Electricity is dangerous and if you start playing with it without really knowing what you are doing there is a good chance you’ll give yourself an electric shock. An electric shock can be devastating and leave you with a costly healthcare bill that won’t be covered by insurance. It’s better to leave the job to the professionals who have been trained to handle electricity.

Quality Products

If you do take on one of the DIY jobs that is approved by the state then you should make sure you are using high-quality electrical products. That means things that have been bought from a recognized store as opposed to anything that you buy off a dubious dealer. 

Follow Instructions

It is important, if you are adding any electrical appliance to your property that you follow all the instructions regarding fitting. This will ensure it has been safely added and that the appliance can be used without issue. 

Keep It Separate

Another way to ensure you are not causing an overload is to make sure any new items are added to their own circuits. Of course, you shouldn’t be adding circuits to your fusebox, you need to get a qualified professional to do this for you. 

Turn Off the Power

Regardless of what electrical task you are performing it’s a good idea to shut off the power before you do anything. This ensures you will not get an electric shock. While it can be tempting to simply turn off the circuit breaker, this may not be enough as the wiring may have been adjusted in the past and you may not be aware of the discrepancy.

It is always best to shut off the power and check that the circuit you are adjusting has no power to it.  

Finally, always remember to use a wire tracer before putting nails and screws in the wall, to make sure you’re not about to puncture an electrical cable and get a nasty shock.