Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

No doubt, most women yearn for a perfect body, an hourglass figure and healthy skin. On that note, body hair can be one intimidating factor. Some women even report lesser confidence levels when they walk out without shaving. Today, you will find several hair removal techniques that are safer and take the upper hand over a razor. Though carrying out a DIY hair removal session at home or walking in the parlour to wax your skin seems like a welcoming option, laser hair removal is the best bet.

Why laser removal?

According to a recent survey, four in every five Australian women have low self-esteem due to their appearance. If you have been regularly shaving your body hair, you would have experienced how painful and annoying ingrown hair is. Be it waxing or epilating, mechanical hair removal can always pave the way to the growth of ingrown hair, which can be painful sometimes. Here is a list of the best ways you can benefit from a laser hair removal session,

  1. No more scars or aftershave sores

Shaving during emergencies or a quick party can seem exciting, but it often leaves your skin with painful blisters, rashes and sores. Further, since waxing/shaving does not remove the hair from the root, they tend to grow quickly, outgrowing the agenda of the entire session.

On the flip side, laser removal involves the subjection of safe laser beams onto your skin and nipping off the hair from the root. As a result, you are free of ingrown hair. Your skin is now poppy, silk and smooth without prickly hairs that can grow anywhere in a few days!

  1. Quick and precise

One of the worst nightmares any girl could have is walking out of the shower/parlour only to find some hair still sticking in the forearm. Undeniably, no waxing or shaving can be accurate, which means you will be wasting hours and hours to end up with a faulty result. Shaving and other conventional hair removal techniques are not target-specific. In cases where you require hair removal in exclusively specific areas like the bikini line or upper lip, laser techniques are the best. Moreover, laser removal is 100% precise and satisfies you every time you leave the spa. Further, remember that laser removals are quick and accurate at the same time.

  1. Potentially lasting results

As already mentioned, the results of conventional hair removal procedures are highly short-term. The intervals between each hair growth session tend to shrink over time. Some even report having thick hair growth every time they use a razor. However, with proper laser removal and undergoing a prescribed number of sessions, you can expect the results to last for about two years.

The heat from the laser beam cuts off the follicle from the root, which prevents re-growth for a substantial amount of time. On that note, laser removals last for a couple of years. If you’d continue the technique (with two or three such yearly sessions), you can go permanently body hair-free.

  1. Saving some bucks in the long run

No doubt that laser removal will cost you substantially. However, investing in a laser hair removal session keeps away from continuous waxing sessions and money spent on razors and aftershave creams- no more spending extra bucks for fixing missed points or claiming an emergency appointment with parlours. Moreover, there is no more growing your hair between removal sessions like you do while waxing! If you find hair growth amidst two laser sessions, you can wax or shave them to go hairless all day!