It is crystal clear that preparation along with hard work is the key to success for any examination, however when the time comes to face the actual exam, how you present yourself in the examination hall and write your paper becomes equally important.

Many students, albeit inadvertently, make blunders during Olympiad exams, resulting in them failing to achieve a good grade despite having worked hard to prepare for the exam. Students should keep in mind not to miss practising the IMO Sample Paper for Class 8, sample clear students’ doubts and make it easy for them to understand the concept better.

Here are some mistakes which are seen frequently among students appearing for the exam.


It’s an often seen mistake that almost every student makes if they realize it or not. When they receive the question paper, they immediately begin attempting it without any method or preparation. As a result, you may spend too much time on the first few questions, leaving you with insufficient time to complete the paper on time. Hence, it is necessary to scan through the entire test paper and recognize questions according to their difficulty level before you start attempting it. The portions of the Olympiad exam are weighted differently. The questions which seem short and easy, try to solve them first. If they seem difficult, rather than spending too much time, it is again advised to skip the question and come back to it later when you have time left. Practising past years’ exam papers is a brilliant technique to solve questions with a planned strategy. As a result, you can estimate how much time you have to devote to each question.


The human brain has a habit of seeing what it intends to see, and the possibility for this to happen is more in the examination hall. If you read questions there’s a possibility on miss some words which can change the entire meaning of it. In some scenarios when students get too excited or overconfident the possibility of misreading is high. Before answering, such questions must be thoroughly studied and analysed. This can be overcome by solving the question sheets repeatedly. Mock tests also play an important role in these as they mould you into being able to answer questions in a given time.


The pattern of the Olympiad exams is different from any other school exam. It uses an objective questioning pattern rather than a subjective questioning style. Students must mark their responses in an OMR sheet provided with the question paper for these exams. At the school level, most of the students are unaware of OMR-based exams as it is not that common. They end up making mistakes bluntly, for example marking their answers on the question paper instead of the OMR sheet and leaving the OMR sheet blank. To avoid these mistakes, it is advisable to get help from the internet as nothing is unavailable there. And practice MCQ-based question papers.


Another common mistake that students make during Olympiad exams is answering the question twice. End up wasting marks on two questions And costing you some valuable time. So, mark your answer on the OMR sheet carefully with full concentration and make sure that each question only has one answer circled. 

Another misstep students make is forgetting to skip the answer number from the OMR sheet when skipping a question to respond later. As a result, all of the subsequent questions’ responses are marked from there, and they are automatically linked to their proper question number. This is a nightmare and an awful experience for any student. As a result, a single moment of negligence might lead to a state of suffering.

Students in lower classes are more likely to make this type of error, although students in higher classes can also make these errors if they become very enthused.


Many students often forget to write down their names and other personal details on the mandatory answer sheet. This error may result in the answer sheet being disqualified. The only way to avoid making this error is to make sure you write down your name and other personal information correctly from the start, since waiting until the last minute may put you in an unneeded rush at the end. Also, remember to re-check that everything is in order before you submit your paper because you don’t want to regret it later.


If you experience anxiety or panic, you can never give your best, and chances to make mistakes are higher. In the Olympiads, many students struggle with time management. Students who do not pay attention to time management are more likely to become anxious near the end of the exam. This is the primary cause of inexcusable errors and even blunders. To avoid this, take practise exams that simulate exam conditions so you can familiarise yourself with exam patterns and manage your time accordingly.

Remember at the end of the day we are humans and we make mistakes because it’s in human nature however you can always get prepared for these. Remember the points mentioned above and try to avoid these mistakes to enhance your performance with minimal effort and ease because you don’t want to take any chances. And most importantly, the performance also depends on how you train your mind.

Our mind attracts whatever it is constantly thinking about. Therefore it’s extremely important to be careful of what you think because that is what eventually gets manifested in your life. However, that ability of our mind can be utilized for better performance as well. Have confidence in yourself because no matter how hard you try, if you lack even the tiniest bit of confidence you end up messing things up as your subconscious keep whispering that you are not ready for this.