Avoid Sewage Backup In Your Shower At All Costs

Avoid Sewage Backup In Your Shower At All Costs

You might think of phoning your plumber if sewerage is backing into your shower, toilets or bath tub. This drainage will contain germs, so it should be cleaned at once and your plumbing system should be repaired to prevent it from happening again.

It would be prudent to clean the area with a cup of bleaching agent to give Imperial gallons of water before the plumber reaches your home. While doing so, don’t forget to wear eye wear, boots, gloves and long trousers. It’s important that older people, pets and children must be kept away, as they are especially susceptible to health issues caused by blocked drains. Wash your hands afterwards with antibacterial soap and clean warm water. Reduce the flushing of water into the drain to keep sewage backflow under control.

Why Do Drain Blockages Happen?

Drainage backflow can happen if something has stopped the waste line or if there is some choke between the toilet and shower in the pipework. The causes can be many, the bottom line is that you need to careful during such a situation, as your health is at stake here. Wastewater exposure can cause a number of symptoms like fever with chills, diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach pain. Seek medical attention right away if you go through any of these symptoms.

How Do I Avoid My Shower Drains Being Blocked

Clean all items and surfaces that to come in contact with the waste, including children’s toys, using a standard cup mixture of unscented domestic bleaching agent in every five Imperial gallons of water. Any sewage affected item that cannot be washed, like pillows, mattresses or stuffed toys, has to be disposed off safely.

How Do I Deal With Blocked Shower Drains Myself?

A drainpipes professional sewer snake is the best piece of equipment for drainage backup in a shower area. For such waste pipes and pipe joints in proximity, a quarter-inch snake of 25 feet length will work fine. The snake can be manoeuvred conveniently down the plumbing pipes, and these are worth the investment if you are confident you can unblock your drain independently. Sometimes in a bathroom the shower trap gets obstructed but at the same time the toilet remains unaffected. This is due to the fact that the toilet trap is typically about six inches above the floor level, whereas the typical shower drain is installed level with the floor.

Help Is Always Available

Always take professional help if you are not able to clean the back flow on your own. If you have blocked drains in London, or anywhere else in the UK for that matter, plumbers will be able to find the blockage and clear the backflow thoroughly as they have specialist tools and experience in this issue. In fact, it is always better to take expert help especially when you don’t know much about plumbing as you could harm your waste pipes if you start poking about inside them with homemade tools.

So what are you waiting for?

Blocked drains can be incredibly detrimental not just to your property’s drainage system, but the health of friends and family that are vulnerable to the contaminated environment. We hope that from reading this short article that you start to think twice when you notice something amiss with your drains – it’s vital you catch blocked drains early!