Are You Shipping Your Luxury Car? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Are You Shipping Your Luxury Car? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Choosing a vehicle transport company for moving a car or any other vehicle needs a lot of research and careful consideration of facts. You should be double cautious when you want to move a luxury car as you can’t afford mistakes.   

Especially when you want to choose interstate car transport, the vehicle is with the transporter for some days or a few weeks. 

Avoiding the following mistakes can help you get your vehicle delivered to your new address in pristine condition:   

Cherry-Picking The Transport Provider Without Research  

When you search online, you will find several car transport companies claiming to be providing safe and cheap services. Keep in mind that it is generally a mix of high-quality service providers and scammers.    

As long as you want to ensure high-quality service with the complete safety of the vehicle, you should do enough research before picking the service provider. You can check with your friends and family for references and recommendations for good services. If your friends or relatives have used car transport services before, they may be able to suggest you good companies.   

You can also refer to online reviews. However, keep in mind that you should apply your judgement as online reviews can also be written only to attract customers. After filtering good service providers, you should call the businesses and get answers to your questions and concerns. If they struggle to give answers or don’t have clarity in responses, skip the transport service provider and move on to the next.    

You can also visit the physical address of the company to verify further.   

Choosing A Transport Servicer Without Proper Insurance  

When you transport your car, the safety of the vehicle is your top-most priority. To ensure seamless safety for the car, verify with the transport company to see if it has comprehensive insurance coverage for the service and the vehicle. 

If the company confirms that it has sufficient insurance coverage, it is good to go. Else, you can get your own insurance to ensure the safety of your vehicle.   

Not Preparing The Vehicle For Transport  

Handing over the vehicle to the transporter in poor condition is another mistake you should avoid. Wash the car properly, fill less than a half tank of fuel, check and ensure the battery is fully charged, and hand it over to the transport business. Generally, the company staff perform a detailed inspection and report any damage or scratches to the vehicle.   

They will also give you a copy of the details of the damage. You should cross-check and verify that each damage is accurately included in the list. This is an important document to claim insurance if you notice any new damage after delivery of the vehicle.   

Keeping Personal Items In the Car Without Proper Packing  

Most transport companies in Australia allow people to put their personal things in the vehicle to get them transported to the destination. Keep in mind that if you leave heavy or sharp items in your car without proper packing, they can damage your vehicle’s interior during transport.   

Even the smoothest roads cause some vibrations to the vehicle carriers that can move the personal things inside the car and damage the interior. Therefore, pack the things in a carton and properly secure them under the backseat or in the trunk of your vehicle.   

Importantly, most vehicle transport companies do not take responsibility for your things. Therefore, you should be careful to avoid damages to your vehicle as well as your stuff.