All You Need to Know About BeatRoute’s FMCG Order Booking App

All You Need to Know About BeatRoute’s FMCG Order Booking App

There have been a lot of situations where the sales reps are not capable of booking large-size orders during their visits to the stores. The distinction between a rapidly growing company and an average company lies here as the sales reps of a rapidly growing company maximize their sales orders, work on improving productivity, and turn their important retailer accounts into huge accounts.

In order to tackle these challenges, companies are searching for the latest techniques. Maximizing orders from the retailers is the way to boost retail sales, particularly for FMCG and Consumer Durable product companies.

But this is not as easy as you might be thinking. Business leaders understand that it is a great problem while working to make this order maximization approach across the entire field sales team. 

That is where BeatRoute’s FMCG order booking app comes to their advantage. 

Advantages of Utilising BeatRoute’s Order Maximization Engine to Boost Retail Sales

Order Taking Software of BeatRoute enables you to sell a complete variety of products through creative recommendations of products that possess selling potential. This also improves the skills of sales reps by providing them cross-sell and up-sell suggestions on their order taking app.

Beatroute’s Order Maximization Engine maximizes profits with the help of trade promotion schemes. With the scheme prompts as well as auto application of schemes, this enables maximum sales to all stores, and not just those included by top-performing sales reps. This also works as helping with a variety of schemes in order to increase volume, range, focus SKUs with the help of pin-pointed targeting.

BeatRoute’s Order Maximization Engine withdraws stock outages as well as returns. It also works as eluding expiry having automatic correction in order, depending on any slow-moving products. 

BeatRoute’s Order Maximization Engine enables your team to have more time spent on selling than the time on the collection of orders. With the help of auto-suggestion of SKUs, the engine considerably decreases the time needed for recording orders. This makes it more convenient for the sales reps to incorporate appropriate schemes with cross-selling, auto-application, and up-sell prompts. BeatRoute’s Order Maximization Engine enables your reps to interact with margins, product details also for recently launched products.

Having features such as Order Management, sales monitoring as well as order tracking, BeatRoute’s FMCG order booking app is becoming the first choice for business leaders. BeatRoute’s Order Management software is integrated with WhatsApp, the world’s most used messaging platform, thus making it really more effective for your FMCG Company.