Accessible Water Activities for Healthy Adults

Accessible Water Activities for Healthy Adults

Moderate exercise or activities that provide some level of exertion don’t have to be boring – or even on land! In fact, healthy adults can enjoy a wide variety of activities in and around water, providing a fun way to get moving for almost everyone. Let’s look at a few different types of water activities that healthy adults of all ages can try.

What Kind of Water Activity Is Best for You?

We all have our own comfort zone, but when it comes to new activities we may not know where that zone exactly is. Do you like to try new things, or are you more likely to do something familiar instead? If you describe yourself as thrill-seeking or daring, you might like one of our activities For the Adventurer. But if you are not quite ready to jump into the deep end to try something totally new, check out our City-side Choices that are exciting and enjoyable but don’t take quite as much bravery to participate.

For the Adventurous

The ocean is a perfect place to try out a different type of water activity. If you live close enough or can travel to the seaside, one of these exciting options might just need to be on your bucket list for your next beach trip.

Surfing Classes If riding the waves sounds like fun, you might love taking a private or group surfing lesson. Surfers learn a few of the basics on land, like how to maneuver the board and the mechanics of standing up. Then classes move to the water where the surf pro works alongside you as you learn to catch a wave. This activity is perfect for all skill levels and abilities and is sure to be an exciting activity. It’s a great excuse to head to a Costa Rica surf resort.

Deep-sea Diving To see what is down in the ocean away from the shore, adventurous adults might love to go deep-sea diving. Contracting with a company that specializes in such trips is the first step in this adventure. Once onboard and prepared with all the necessary equipment for that location, a boat ride to the dive location provides gorgeous scenery and time to learn about the dive site and what marine life divers might encounter during this thrilling adventure that may require that participants can swim or use scuba gear.

Snorkeling Similar to deep-sea diving, snorkeling may take place out in the ocean or even closer to shore. Either way, participants swim using snorkel gear to view the spectacular underwater marine life. This activity is perfect for active, healthy adults who want to enjoy the scenery while floating on the top of the water.

Shark Diving If swimming with the sharks sounds exciting, then shark diving is an activity that you should try. Divers are usually in a cage or plexiglass enclosure that is adjacent to a boat, so free swimming is not usually a requirement for this adventure. Shark diving is sure to be an adrenalin rush for participants who are lucky enough to see one of the ocean’s biggest predators sharing the water beside them (but behind a safe barrier).

City-side Choices

if a beach or ocean trip is not in your plans, water fun is still possible inland. Whether you live in the big city or in a more rural area, one of these ideas might be just the thing to cool down while having an enjoyable time in the water.

Waterparks Not just for kids anymore, waterparks are fun for adults of all ages and abilities. Many parks have a large variety of activities to choose from when visiting, and some even allow visitors to bring in coolers or outside snacks to enjoy when taking a break from the water fun. Typical activities to enjoy at a waterpark include swimming in a large wave pool around simulated beach waves, floating down a lazy river on an innertube, and jetting down small or large waterslides. Some waterparks have group float rides that combine riding on multi-person rafts with a waterslide ride as well.

Boat Tubing Renting a boat (or a boat and driver) can provide a relaxing but fun water activity for adults. Using a ski tow rope and specially designed floats, kids and adults alike enjoy tubing behind a boat. Moving at relatively show speeds, adults can hold on and be towed around the lake, feeling all the bumps and splashes along the way.

Water Activities for Adults

Participating in a new activity can be fun for the mind and body, but sometimes picking one to try is the hardest part. When choosing the right accessible water activity for you, make sure that it is one that matches up with your health and abilities first, and then choose one to try. Most of these activities are fun to do with friends or family, so grab a buddy and go make a splash in one of these water activities!