A few things you need to know about Libyan employment law

A few things you need to know about Libyan employment law

Employment law

Employment laws as the name suggests is the branch of law which deals with matters and issues related employment. It helps ensure the rights of employee are given and both the employer and the employee have a health relation.

Major areas under employment law

Matters discussed under employment law can be divided under nine major areas which are discussed below

  1. Employment relationships of an individual

This area of employment law deals with the matters between an individual and his employer. Work timings, procedures for dismissal, transfer and promotion of an individual are discussed under this area. Individual contract related regulations help protect the civil rights of employees.

  1. Employment

Employment laws deal with employment related issues faced by the country and its people like discrimination, unemployment issues, and forced labour.

  1. Wages and remuneration

Employment laws determine minimum wages, types of wages, process and forms of remuneration and wage.

  1. Work conditions

Employment laws ensure that employers provide optimum working conditions to the employee. Rights like equal pay and family related leaves such as maternity leaves are discussed under this area.

  1. Trade unions and industrial relationships

Employment laws also discuss complex issues like trade unions, their legal status, representation of employees at different levels, collective bargaining and agreements, and labour disputes.

  1. Health, safety and welfare

Ensuring welfare and safety of a person along with taking initiatives to promote individual’s mental and physical health is duty of state. Employment law helps protecting an individual’s health, safety and welfare at workplace.

  1. Administration of employment laws

Not only employment related matters and discussed under employment laws but methods of enforcement of employment law is also discussed under it including punishments and penalties for those who don’t follow them.

  1. Social security

Employment laws ensure social security of individuals in case of occupational accidents.

  1. Specific provisions for some groups

Some specific provisions can also be part of employment laws for specific groups like agriculture, mining etc.

Some important points of Libyan employment law

Libyan employment law was introduced in 2010 and it is still followed around the country. It is employee friendly. Libyan employment law demands the companies and organizations to hire a minimum percentage of workers who are Libyans. This percentage is 75% in some cases. This was done to deal with unemployment problems in the country. Some positions are only reserved for Libyans and foreigners cannot work at those positions. Another important point of Libyan employment law is that foreign workers who don’t get social security fund are supposed to receive end of service gratuity payments. Libyan law prohibits discrimination on every basis whether its color or race, gender or religion. Employees should be registered with ministry of labor. Employees are supposed to sign a number of documents and Libyan law firms can help with such complex processes. Libyan employment law ensures that fundamental rights of a worker are fulfilled like family oriented holidays.


These were some important points of Libyan employment law which discuss all the nine areas of employment law in detail. Libyan employment law tries to ensure that employee and employer have a balanced and healthy relationship.