A brief history of jojoba oil and its medicinal properties

A brief history of jojoba oil and its medicinal properties

Jojoba oil comes from the seeds of a variety of plants. It is more accurately described as liquid wax. Take a look at the health benefits associated with the plant, liquid wax, and each.

Called “Ho-Ho-Ba,” the shrub is found in the deserts of Arizona, California, and Mexico. It was known by many different names among indigenous tribes and European settlers. One of the most interesting names is quinine, as the plant is not a source of quinine (a cure for malaria) and is very similar to the quinine-rich bark of the eucalyptus tree from South Africa.

Jojoba is grown in the forest and cultivated for the commercial value of seeds which are like coffee beans. Coffeeberry is another common name because of this similarity.

If you read the ingredients label on the skincare product that contains the ingredient, 

you will see “Siemensdia Chainsaws’ ‘. It is an accepted name in the International Cosmetic Nomination (INCI). Companies need to use INCI terms. Some companies also include common names.

Best Jojoba oil is edible but is rarely used because it is indigestible. It is caused by the digestive system which causes diarrhea. It was used orally by some local physicians to relieve constipation. But its main use is in the field of skin health.

Liquid wax has a natural antifungal activity that makes it effective in treating athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. It is used in bathrooms and basements as a natural alternative to mold control.

As a skin moisturizer, it is very effective. It is more like human sebum (protective oil made from sebaceous glands in the skin) than vegetable oil. This makes it unique.

Environmentalists and concerned people around the world hope that jojoba oil will replace squalene, which is similar to sebum. Scalin is still found in many skincare products, although it comes from whales. Whale oil imports were banned in the United States in 1971. But it is still in many countries. If you want to avoid things like scoliosis, you must read the ingredient labels.

Jojoba oil and other nourishing ingredients

Moisture samples that do not resemble human sebum can only be used for people with dry skin. People with oily skin are not always aware of the benefits of moisturizing, as cheap moisturizers can be a nuisance. Jojoba oil is compatible with all skin types. It actually helps balance fat production.

Most body creams contain only mineral oil which is a cheap ingredient which actually causes more problems than its solution. Mineral oil is not only a bad choice for oily skin. It is also bad for people with dry skin. Although it feels fine at first, it helps with dehydration problems when used regularly.

The best body lotions include the best jojoba oil and other nourishing ingredients. In addition to moisturizing the skin, the best lotions also help to heal blemishes and remove stretch marks.

So I wanted to write something about jojoba oil since I started using it recently. 


Especially after a bad breakout I decided I wanted to do something different and chose the natural way because I had never done it before. These things are a real pleasure and I would never see myself again without them if they were so effective.


A little background of these things:

Best Jojoba oil comes from the pods of shrubs in the southwestern United States and Mexico. The product is a wax inside the seed pod that dissolves and is added to the water so you can get the liquid on the skin. Native Americans used it, among other things, to treat skin conditions and wounds. The chemical composition of jojoba oil is very similar to that of human cytomegalovirus, the oil we make on our skin. The good thing about this oil is that it is very soft and does not irritate the skin because it is like sebum.

 If your skin is sensitive,

This is the perfect moisturizer for you and I will tell you how to apply it later. The moisturizing properties of jojoba oil also help to tighten wrinkles and skin. It is also an antifungal, so if you are unlucky to have a fungal infection, it may help. The oil is also very beneficial for the hair. Moisturizing properties will make your hair shiny and the way the hair and leaves are lubricated will make it look softer. These things are completely non-comedogenic and should not block your pores at all. Before that, I used to have a lot of oily skin and before that I used a lot of moisturizers and it is so much better and it has not scarred me so far. For me, I haven’t heard of any moisturizer.

I find that the easiest way to apply it is after a shower. Gently pat the facial skin to dry. I now use 100% jojoba oil and recommend it unless you mix it with cream and its other ingredients. However, for pure things, all you have to do is make a cup-like shape in your hand and squeeze a drop into it. Be careful because this stuff is liquid! If you bend your hand all the way, it will drip. I have done this on several occasions.

 Now that you have a drop in your hand, use one finger of your other hand to distribute it evenly across your face. You will feel its place because it slips when touched. I have covered my whole face with a light layer. After that your skin may glow for a few minutes, but due to the formation of oil, it will be absorbed into the skin quickly. If there is still a lot left on the skin after five to ten minutes, you can lightly pat it dry. If you want to try it on your hair, repeat the same procedure, except that instead of using your finger to split it, just spread the oil on both hands and run your hair with your hands. I personally do this when my hair is wet and it works really well. You should notice relatively early (within a day or two) that your skin and hair will look smooth.

You can find them relatively easily on the Internet,

But you can’t find them on your local Geo or Walgreens. If you have an organic grocery or grocery store, you will find it there. This oil lasts a very long time, so you don’t have to buy it all the time. Be careful when handling it as it is so slippery that it can easily slip out of your hand and make a big mess. This is a product I will not miss because after using a lot of chemically prepared moisturizers, I have not found anything that comes close to it in effect.