7 Popular Uses of Synthetic Grass

7 Popular Uses of Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass got its limelight in the 1960s. It is made of synthetic materials, and so it is also known as synthetic grass. Primarily, it was used in sports, and later it was put to a variety of other uses. Many prefer it as it is easy to maintain, highly durable, and requires no trimming or watering. It is also easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

So here are some popular uses of it:

  • Residential Gardens 

Installing artificial grass in residential gardens is one of its most popular uses. It became trendy among people when they discovered that it is easy to maintain, unlike the natural grass. There is no need to mow or trim the grass; hence it is beneficial for busy people and older adults who cannot take care of their lawns. 

  • Pets 

It is preferred for households with dogs, cats and other pets because maintaining lawns and pets together is a painful task. Rainy days, muddy paws and other mess are hard to tolerate. Meanwhile, artificial grass can significantly help in these situations as they are easy to clean and dry. Many even use this grass in their pets’ kennels and cages to provide comfort.

  • Balconies and Rooftop Gardens 

Designing balconies and rooftop gardens are a trend now. Everyone wishes to make this space cosy and beautiful, and artificial grasses instantly give a bright look. 

Installation costs of artificial grass on the rooftop are cheaper than natural grass because it is easy to transport the required materials through lifts, and the ground preparation process for fake grass is straightforward. As such, it can provide a perfect space to chill with your family and friends.

  • Events and Exhibitions 

Exhibitions and events will need a lot of decorations. However, if you opt for natural grass, first, it will take a  lot of time, and second, with many people, natural grass may wear out soon. On the other hand, fake grass can give a charming look and retain attraction for a long time with its incredibly durable nature. Besides, one can also install it in less time. 

  • Schools and Nurseries 

Kids love fake grass, and most importantly, they are safe as artificial grass is free from fertilisers. Hence, children can have a perfect time running and playing around. Moreover, kids are notorious, and they can easily create a mess when they figure out to pluck the grass and pull out the mud. And for many kids, maintaining the mess is never an easy task.

  • Sports Turfs

Artificial grasses were created as sports turfs to withstand heavy use. Ground maintenance for sports became very easy with fake grass, as it ensures that the pitch remains good throughout the life of the grass. Besides, it increases the comfort of the players and reduces injuries considerably. As such, it is used in many sports grounds like football, tennis, hockey, cricket and much more.

  • Hotels 

The demand for fake grass is more in affluent hotels. The hotel industry that focuses so much on hospitality constantly works on improving its pleasant ambience. As such, a healthy and huge grass lawn will give a lasting impression to the guests. Again, less maintenance will save them a lot of money.

So, to sum up, synthetic grass can be used to make a place attractive, cosy and comfortable. Hence, it is an advantageous invention that found its application in numerous spaces.