5 Signs You Have Termites Living in Your Home

5 Signs You Have Termites Living in Your Home

Termites damage thousands of homes every year and cause costly repairs. When signs of termites are noticed, it is vital to have the concern addressed as soon as possible to ensure damages are limited. Signs of termites include hollow-sounding walls or floors, hearing movement within the walls at any time of day or night, wood that is damaged or rotting, wings or droppings may be found, and spaces that are similar in appearance to water damage.

Hollow Sounding Walls or Floors

As termites work through the home, they will leave tunnels within any wood, even that of the structure, and will hollow out some areas. If you find that the floor sounds as though there are hollow areas or the walls sound hollow, it may signify that you have termites living in your home. 

Hearing Movement

Termites do not sleep through the night or the day, and can be heard moving through the walls at any time. Their movements can be heard during quiet hours and will sound like rustling coming from inside walls or ceilings. This sound is created as they chew their way through the wood and climb around looking for more sources, and they can spread quickly from one area to another.

Damaged or Rotting Wood

Termites prefer wood that has begun to rot or is wet and they are more likely to begin a home there. This can create an entryway for them into the home and allow them to multiply and access other areas. As they consume the wood, they will create further damages, so it is important to take note of any signs of damage or rotting wood around the home or within the structure of the home itself and inspect for other signs of termites

Finding Wings or Droppings

Termites will leave a trail of droppings as they pass through the home, and often there will be piles remaining outside an entrance point or in areas where there are higher groupings of them. They will also lose their wings and they can be found in the same areas as droppings, with an appearance similar to fish scales.

Appearance of Water Damage

Damages caused by termites look similar to water damages. They cause sagging doorways, discolouration on ceilings and walls, and damaged window frames causing them to not be sealed correctly or to begin sagging and even leaking. Any signs of water damage should be addressed quickly to determine if it is water damage, which creates a risk of mould and further damages, or if it may be termites that are damaging the home.


The longer that termites are within a home the more damage they will cause and the more expensive it will be to repair. In some instances, they can become a threat to the safety of the structure and damage supporting walls, cause leaks in windows and around doors, and invasive extermination techniques may be needed. If it gets this bad, you will want to research Dentec termite inspection cost, and budget that into your maintenance costs for your home. There may be some sticker shock initially, but it will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.