5 Reasons Your Ant Problem Just Doesn’t Go Away

5 Reasons Your Ant Problem Just Doesn’t Go Away

Got an ant problem that refuses to go away no matter what you do? Trust us, you are not alone. Many houses and properties actually get ant infestations that never seem to stop. However, many times, reasons for these ant infestation problems are pretty similar.

Once ants find a way to a food source, they remember it. Unless you sort out that food source, they will always come back. Some sprays and other techniques work for ant removal. But there are simply too many of these little crawlers and will make a way back.

If you have a big ant problem, you should probably contact local pest control Surrey service providers. Also, there are many simple precautions that can help small ant infestations from becoming big-scale problems. Read through to find out more:

1: Greasy Surfaces Are Ant Pullers

Got greasy surfaces at home or in the property? These are half the reasons for any ant problems in most properties. Greasy surfaces like floors, tabletops and others are so because of some food materials on top of them. Ants just cannot resist these at all.

In the actual fact, greasy surfaces have tiny food particles. These can be filled with sugars that are ever so much loved by ants. Syrups, honey bottles, jam jars and all other greasy sugary things can leave residue on your surfaces. These will attract ants as long as there is the slightest trace.

Be sure to wipe all surfaces with a quality cleaning solution. Also, wipe down the stove and kitchen surfaces after cooking a splash prone meal. Any means that include sauces or oils will have some invisible splatters across the kitchen surfaces. Eliminate food sources to limit your ant problem.

2: You Leave Food (Leftovers and Scrapes) Out

Even worse than greasy surfaces, some people even leave food leftovers and scrapes out. These will also include the tiny bits that might fall off when eating. Biscuits, crisps and other foods like these are always more likely to splash bits around.

Also, kids and pets can spread pieces of food in different rooms of the house as well. Some homeowners might also not pay that much attention to their kitchen bins where leftover food gets thrown. Anywhere there are food particles or leftovers, ants will reach inevitably.

The best way to deal with this is to clean around the house regularly. Use surface cleaning solutions that completely wipe off any food particles. Even the tiniest food particles and leftovers that you don’t even know are there, can invite a whole colony of ants. This is where ant problem can begin and never end.

3: Leaky Pipework Can Kill Ant Thirst but Not the Ants

Want to avoid a visit from local pest control Vancouver service providers? Be sure to check your leaky pipework. Ants, like many other insects also get attractive by water. Leaky pipework can splatter water around in different places. Some inside ground leakages can cause under-floor pools of water.

Also, the kitchen and bathroom drainage pipes are often to blame. Slightest of leaks on the kitchen or bathroom floor can be enough to kill thirst for so many ants. And yes, ants do smell water and can make it a permanent visit until the leak gets fixed and water gets dried out.

Ants don’t have to be living in your home to spot the water leak. A typical ant problem involves ants that might have a colony just outside your home. They will make their way into your property making your ant problems even more dramatic. Be sure to fix all leaky pipes to not invite ants inside.

4: A Sticky Garbage at The Property

Garbage or waste area in any house or property will have whatnots in and around it. Food waste including rotting raw foods will also be in there. If you don’t clean your garbage area regularly, it can collect grease, oils and rotting fruits or vegetable organics.

A sticky garbage can be a huge ant puller. All those smells will attract ants and also those food sources will be enough to feed many millions of them. It may be a lot to clean your garbage area. Afterall, it is the garbage area and lot of people are okay with it being sticky and not cleaned.

The best way for garbage areas is to have large air sealed bins. Give the whole area a wash with grease cutting solutions regularly. Also, spray insect killers and deterrents on your garbage area regularly. Whatever you can do to get rid of the ant problem through garbage areas will help.

5: Decaying Wood May Start an Ant Problem

Ants don’t eat wood or any form of it right! So, why is decaying wood the start of an ant problem? Well, ants live in colonies. Any leaky pipe or a big rainstorm can damage wood panels at any property. This damage may give space for ants to colonize inside the decaying wood.

This is where ant problems can really get big. Once they have space to live inside your property permanently, you will have trouble getting rid of them. On instances like these, you will need professional pest control Burnaby or any other local ones for help.

Professionals will know where to look for such ant colonies. Ants leave trails that experienced service providers can track. Stop your ant problem before it gets out of hand. Call service providers when you need them and get rid of your ant infestations quickly.