5 Different Kinds of Heaters for Winters

5 Different Kinds of Heaters for Winters

Winter is the ideal season for keeping yourself warm inside your home and enjoying a great time with your family. But you can only enjoy this time when you feel warm and cozy. The heater plays an integral part in setting up such an environment. The equipment gently warms a room, making you revel in an inviting atmosphere. But which heater should you buy for your home? There are many options in the market today. You can explore freestanding woodfire heaters that have automated fan switches and provide a coverage of up to 300 square metres. Below are some significant types of heating systems that you can consider as per your requirements.

Convector Heaters
They are also known by the name convection heaters or just convectors. They are non-fan forced heating devices that utilise natural convection for shifting the heated air into the conditioned area. It makes them a lot quieter than their fan heating counterparts. A convector heater does not have a fan for blowing air. Thus, it is an ideal option for reducing dust and pollen circulation and contributes to a healthy work environment. These heaters are perfect for spaces with large spans of windows like schools, offices, and hotel lobbies.

Radiant Heaters
Radiant heaters are pretty user-friendly to operate. They can heat up any room in very little time. You can consider freestanding woodfire heaters according to the layout of your home, as they are available in modern, traditional, rustic, and sleek designs. These heaters are also mobile, and you can transport them from one place to another with minimal difficulty. If you reside in an area where it’s freezing and want to heat your room fast, consider radiant heaters.

Column Heaters
An electric column heater is ideal for those who desire to keep the heater on overnight. These heaters are conventionally oil-filled. Once warm, they don’t need much energy to remain warm for an extended time. Today, you can find such heaters with a quick warmup time. They have reduced operating noise levels and are suitable to be used for a more extended time. But these heaters are somewhat bulkier than others. They also have an oil-free variant. Although it does not show much difference in performance than oil-filled ones, the latter can heat up faster than oil-free column heaters.

Ceramic Heaters
Ceramic heaters aren’t entirely made from ceramic. They usually have plastic in most of their parts, with some metal. The ceramic portion of the heating device is the heating element, which is made of positive temperature coefficient ceramic. It warms the air that goes over it. This heater has an internal fan that disperses the radiating warmth from the ceramic element and distributes it throughout an area. The ceramic element imparts a continual heat source. Still, it doesn’t get very hot to become dangerous or cause a risk of burn. Ceramic heaters can operate for a long time due to the durability of ceramic. Ceramic space heaters are highly portable ones. Their size and weight allow them to be moved from one room to another quickly.

Electric Fire Heaters
You can find kinds of heaters in wall-mounted, freestanding, and inset varieties. These heaters do not actually emit heat but can fully recreate the flicker effect of the fire flame. They provide the comfort of a real fire but without the need for a chimney. Those who are tight on floor space can utilise wall-mounted and inset varieties.

When going through the various heating devices, it’s best to choose one that provides helpful safety features. Make sure that the heater’s heat output matches the size of the space it’s installed in. It will allow you to choose the most appropriate heating device for your room.