5 best card material used as custom gift boxes for shipping

5 best card material used as custom gift boxes for shipping

The gifts are one of the way to share your feelings. The gifts do not need to be fancy or expensive. We should not limit the gift giving to any specific occasion. We must exchange gift as it strengthen the relationship among people. On many occasions, we like to give gifts other than occasions. We like to appreciate our colleagues, friends, employees by giving custom gift card boxes. These boxes are specially designed for formal and informal gifts. However, theses boxes cost little. Any person can customize their gifts according to their choice. In gift packaging, the material of gift card boxes is as essential as gift itself.

In addition, the brands can pack their products in these gift boxes. Also, the customers can write their message on the inner lid of the box. So that whenever the recipient open the box, his/her eyes first see your message. The message is a kind of feeling you want to share with your special ones. Further, the brands can put their logo and tag line on the gift box. So that the recipient can also become the potential customer of the same brand. Here are some of the common material used in gift packaging for shipping:

Shipping gift card boxes

Shipping boxes have made from cardboard boxes. These cardboard boxes do not let the item to lose its originality. When we ship gifts, we need those packaging, which is sturdy and relatively of high quality. So that the gifts ship with no damage. However, the custom gift card boxes use cardboard material to send your gifts without influenced by the external environment. It is a cheap way to send gifts with no hassle. In these boxes you can mention fragile item. So that while loading and unloading, gifts remain in safe hands. To cater for variation, custom gift card packaging can be customized according to the shape and size of the gift.

Padded mailers gift boxes

The padded mailer serves as a protection to fragile items. These commonly made from plastic or paper having a lining of bubble sheet to secure the gift. In shipping, it is very essential to pack your gift smartly. These mailers wrappers do not need further box to pack the gifts. They are of low cost and can recycle to reduce the waste of packaging. In these padded mailers’ gift boxes, you can pack jewelry, crockery, cosmetics, and other delicate items.

Poly mailers gift boxes

Poly mailers are another box which is suitable for shipping of gifts. The person sending a gift expects it to deliver as it is. It is extremely light and does not let the external environment to destroy the gift. It can keep the gift dry from water and protects from heat. However, like padded mailers, poly mailers boxes have also made from plastic. They are good for delicate items. Such as apparel, cushion, bed sheet set, comforters and other.

Rigid gift boxes

In custom gift card boxes there is another kind of boxes and that is ridged gift box. Which is ideal for shipping purposes.  It has a lid which fit the gift perfectly. It does not let the gift to move from its place. The famous brand “Apple” use rigid box packaging. Which is a two piece designed box ideal for shipping and transporting mobile and phone accessories.  These boxes give polished look to the gifts.  However these boxes made from chipboard which is exclusively strong and rigid. The customers can get wholesale gift card boxes to reduce their cost. The perfumes, electronics, mobile and its accessories can shipped in these boxes. Without worrying about any damage and denting

Mailer gift boxes

In mailer boxes, there are tabs in front of the box. By which the recipient can easily open. As the name implicit these boxes are best for custom gift card packaging. These boxes also known as subscription boxes. Which are only used to send gifts or otherwise. In old times, mailer boxes were used to be in brown cover. However in nowadays these boxes have customized in different color schemes. You can insert graphics and prints to make your gift unique and attractive. You can also ship luxury food items in these boxes. Which does not get stale and keeps their freshness for long time.

The inner packaging strengthens the gifts

It is really important to pack your gift tightly before putting it in a box. The tissue paper and newspaper serves the purpose of strengthening the gifts. In shipping, often the box mishandled, but if it has packed well from inside then, it will survive for long. After putting the gift in the box, you can fill the spaces with crumbled paper or newspaper. It will fascinate the recipient even more. When they see these safeguards placed to protect the gift. However, everyone wants to send gifts to their loved ones with no damage. But because of these shipping gift card boxes, the gifts send with no time and effort.


It is really difficult to ship gifts out of your country. It is because the gifts might break down during shipping. However, due to gift card boxes, the shipping of gifts has become easy. The shipping boxes are a good way to impress your loved ones. The gifts send with no worry and money. The custom gift card boxes keep the product protective and safe. These shipping boxes are sturdy and inexpensive.

Thus, if your loved ones are not without, you can always surprise them with high-quality gifts. These gifts will serve as a gesture of love and care. Also, try to send gifts with no specific occasion. It is because gifts do not require any specific occasion.